Friday, October 29, 2010

Under Construction: Days 35 - 38

The family room is shaping up nicely, but will not be done this week as we had hoped. Our contractor has brought in some reinforcements, though, so that will help hurry things along.

A lot has gotten done this week and that is good. The walls and ceiling have been primed and today, Friday, is clean up day so they can begin to paint soon. Maybe even tomorrow? The trim around the large windows in the room has been primed also, in preparation for being painted white, and that looks great. I was worried about painting over wood, but I am glad we did.

The family room looks amazingly large, which was the goal. Everything we have done in there has been geared towards making it appear visually bigger. And I think we have been succesful!

Carpet is set to be laid next Wednesday and that is a huge step. All the little details will not be done by then, but baby steps are OK at this point. Everyone is working so hard to get this done, I have no complaints. (Although it still would be nice to have my office finally completed. But it will be, I know, and soon. Patience is a virture, as my mom used to say.)

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