Sunday, October 31, 2010

Under Construction: Day 40

We had a paint crisis yesterday. Chris had put a sample of the wall paint up on the walls and it was way dark. Then we checked it against the "true" color we wanted and found that the paint we had bought was more greenish-yellow. Not what we wanted at all.

Our designer came to the rescue and agreed with me that the color was all wrong. Don't know if the store mixed it wrong or what, but it was wrong.

We chose another shade, a warm beige. Chris had a quart mixed, applied it in several spots and we came back home after the Pitt game yesterday to find the new color sampled on the walls. Much better. Hope you can see the differences in color from the photo below. The color we are going with is marked "E" for Everlasthing I think. The color on the corner is the original Hush color that turned out so green.

Also, Chris put in some work on our new mantle which also looks great.

Gearing up for a big week. Painting to be done and and carpet laid this week. Yippee!!

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