Thursday, October 13, 2011

Free Retirement? One Woman Does It

A friend of mine directed Barbara M. Traynor my way and I'm glad she did. Barbara has found a way to volunteer in places where she really wants to be in exchange for free room and board. She is able to do this by living on her Social Security only, so this is something that we all my want to explore. An interesting option for Baby Boomers.

To learn more, visit Barbara's website at where you will also learn about her book: Second Career Volunteer: A Passionate, Penny-wise Approach to Retirement. Also, you can check out the article at written by Barbara.

Kudos to Barbara for coming up with such a creative way to handle retirement.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bought and Paid for

A phrase from my childhood found its way into my thoughts today. I was thinking about "mom" jeans and how they are being blacklisted by fashionistas in favor of the new slender ones.

If you are a mom, aren't all of your jeans "mom" jeans?

The childhood phrase came into play on playgrounds when we caught a glimpse of someone's underwear while she was jumping rope in the required skirt. The person being teased only had to say "So? They are clean and paid for" to stop the teasing in its tracks.

I feel the same way about the negative energy focused on other people's jeans: They are clean and paid for. Nothing wrong with that.