Saturday, March 26, 2011

Success Finally!

I have finally been able to arrange for my blog readers to get an email when I post a new entry on one of the blogs. This had turned out to be way more complicated than it needed to be. Which is why Google/ figured out a very slick, easy way to accomplish what had been so difficult.

I love my readers and know they really try to keep up with all of my thoughts and jottings and for that I am very grateful. But now it will be easier than ever to stay in touch.

And for that I am glad!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Shake Things Up

Have you taken your daily vitamin and then not remembered if you did or not? Brushed your teeth and then done it again? Driving around, do you have to stop and think about where you are and how you got there?

We all tend to zone out when it comes to doing our routine tasks, but what's the fun in that? To stay more alert to what you are doing in each moment, try some of the following tips:
  • Put your pants on with the left leg first.
  • Park in different spots so you have to pay attention to where your car is.
  • Make a new recipe for dinner.
  • Switch the contents of your drawers: Put your socks where your undergarments are and vice versa.
  • Read a book about a subject you haven't been interested in before.
  • Take a walk in a different location.
Shake things up a little. No more auto pilot!