Sunday, March 15, 2015

Time vs. Money? How do you decide?

Depending on your life at this point in time, there are often choices of whether to spend a little more money for convenience -- thus saving time, or taking more time to do something -- thus saving money.

It's probably a daily conundrum for most of us, and there is never an easy answer. Even if you think you have found one, everything changes on you and you have to start over.

For us, as older adults, it means (probably) having a little more time to devote to doing things ourselves or taking the long way around town to find a bargain. It may even be fun to search out bargains and get the feeling that you won that particular battle.

It can even become a hobby of sorts. . . or not. One thing for sure, though, is that bragging about all the bargains you have taken advantage of  probably won't win you any brownie points with the members of the younger generation who don't have that kind of time. So keeping your bargains to yourself may be the better play.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Feeling lucky?

There's an odd thing going on this weekend, enough that it might mess with the space-time continuum, or at least with some people's plans. Friday is the 13th, a day considered unlucky by most, and Saturday is Valentine's Day, a day of love and declarations, many of which have to do with some degree of luck you could argue.

Opposites don't usually mix well, and I wondered how often this situation comes up. The trusty internet says that it has or will occur  four times between 2001 and 2028. Years where the 13th is a Friday in February are 2004, 2009, 2015 and 2026.

So which will you focus on? As Baby Boomers, I am guessing most of our attention will be on the hearts and flowers holiday, rather than the darker one. We are a positive group for the most part, and this is just another way to show it.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Start New Year off Right

Say "Sure" More

My new favorite word is sure. When someone asks me to do something, I say "sure". Go somewhere with them? "Sure."

At the holidays, my younger son wanted to bake cookies. Now we had a lot going on in those few days and it was really hectic here, the kitchen was already a mess, but I said "sure, let's do it."  Turned out to be great cookies too.

Now that certainly wasn't a world-changing decision, but I think as we get older it becomes easier and easier to say "no" to things. Things like driving into the nearby city, maybe taking in a show, going to a ballgame in a new-to-us stadium -- all in all stepping out of our comfort zones. I feel that Boomers have to be vigilant to not let "no"  or "not this time" become our words of choice.

Being open to new things and easy going once you get there are hallmarks of younger people. Why should they have all the fun?

Do something new and challenging this winter. If someone asks you to do something, say "sure" and get ready to enjoy yourself.