Friday, August 26, 2011

Fall Can't Be Far Behind

First Fall Colors

Well, there's no denying it. Fall is on the horizon. I saw these vibrant leaves, the first of the season, at our local park this morning when I was walking.

I love fall, but it seems to me that it has come very quickly this year. We used to joke when our kids were in school that once school started, Halloween was just around the corner, followed immediately by Thanksgiving and Christmas. Whew. The only time of year that seems to go slowly is January and February, and I think I like them more all the time!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Colorful Spirit

Love the Many Brilliant Colors of Your Spirt  ~ Laurel Burch

I bought this Sun spirit tote bag this past weekend at the Shaker Woods Craft Festival, Columbiana, OH. We have gone to this festival for years, being that it is located just a little more than an hour from home.

My husband Larry actually spotted this gem and pointed it out to me. It was colorful and had this beautiful thought etched on it, the perfect size for lots of toting.

The bag was hand-crafted by Laurel Wagoner ((Down Home Leather, Mt. Vernon, OH), who loves the designs created by the designer who shared her first name.

Laurel Burch died about four years ago. But thanks to her prolific artistic history, her work will live on and on because of its beauty and message.