Friday, April 1, 2011

Will this bother you or not?

Walking last week at a local park, I realized that the huge light displays which are part of a multi-million light show at the park every winter are still in place. It's the first of April today, and I know that the county workers usually begin putting the metal scafolding and strings of lights up as early as September for the holiday show. That doesn't leave much time from now till the fall to take the lights down and have them in place again next November for the thousands of cars which will make a donation to drive through the park.

I wondered how I felt about this. The lights do look a little out of place now, but they will really be noticeable in the summer when free outdoor concerts are held every Sunday evening, drawing thousands to sit on the grass and party.

It's common knowledge that the previous sponsors of this light extravaganza backed out because of the hgh cost of maintaining the show. The county stepped in to save the annual event, but had no way to make up the hundreds of thousands of dollars needed.

So it could be that the county will just leave things status quo until it comes time to light the ligths again in November and voila! There will be a light show.

What do you think? Would seeing giant unlighted holiday ornaments all year round bother you? Or could you learn to ignore them and be glad that your taxes haven't gone up to cover the cost of dismantling the show again this year?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Wedding Season Upon Us

At this time of year, thoughts turn to weddings. We spent some time at our last book club meeting talking about weddings, something women never get enough of it seems.

This year is extra special because there will be a Royal Wedding next month. Wedding afficionados will hopefully get their fill of romance and pageantry with the wedding of William and Kate.

We hope they or their planners are reading this blog, because we are offering information that will come in quite handy for them -- and any of the rest of you who are planning a marital event.

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