Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Under Construction: Day 29

As you can see, the marble surround on the fireplace in our family room has been installed. One "leg" (a vertical side piece) gave Chris, our contractor, some trouble, but he worked it out. The wall behind the fireplace has also been covered with mud to even it out. No more paneling!

This fireplace is a little sophisticated for what we are used to, but I am liking it more and more. Our house is contemporay, but not really. The house has never quite known what it wanted to be when it grew up and we haven't challenged that over the past 24 years. But we are now.

When they were building the homes on our street, the builders repeated our floor plan in several, but gave each of these homes a different facade. We got the most "contemporary" exterior look, but again, it's not a true contemporary with lots of landings and railings.

I can remember when we were still touring the house how one potential home buyer walked in the front door and turned right around to leave. "This will never do," her parting comment.

But we love this house and plan to stay in it a long time. The sophisticated fireplace will just make it that much nicer!

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