Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Under Construction: Day 8

(Former) Computer Corner

This is the corner of my former office where my computer used to be. All gone I would say. Work on our small (!) remodeling project is coming along. The carpet has been ordered and will sit in a warehouse waiting for the room to be ready for it. We chose paint colors, all in the beige family, but seeing them on the wall I think they are too dark. We shall see.

One of the positives about this project has been that we are actually getting things done that have needed done for several years. I would notice something I thought should be changed or updated and never had a way of doing it. Now some of these small things, like replacing non-working outlets and powering up a wimpy shower in the bathroom, are being done. (We won't be using the black market elephant-washing shower head like Kramer had installed in Seinfeld, but ours could be a lot closer to that than the low-flow one we have now. And who likes the sound of that?).

Also, and I am not sure how this happened, the two bedroom doors that our sons plastered with stickers will be taken down and replaced (see below photo). I can just imagine seeing the reaction of some future home buyers when they saw the decorated doors. I am not sure how this even happened. I am certain that I was out of town when they did this.

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