Thursday, September 23, 2010

Under Construction: Day 2

Today I had to go out and do some errands. When I returned, the workmen had done a lot of work. Paneling was removed from two walls in our family room, and the fireplace was uncovered. It actually is interesting to see the "insides" of walls, something that is usually out of my purview.

Since I got home they have been making a lot of noise. Since I am only hanging out in non-construction zone rooms, I can't figure out what they are doing. But it is definitely loud and shakes the whole house.

One funny note is that I was right about something, which doesn't happen very often it seems (ha). I had thought that birds were nesting between my walls and the insulation in my office walls a couple of years ago, gainng access from the huge holes woodpeckers had drilled into the wood. And there was proof today. Two nests were unearthed when the paneling came off that had housed numerous baby birds and  their incessant chirping.

We found what looked to be a blue jay feather stuck in one of the nests. I wonder if any of the three blue jays which fly around the house and eat my suet are the parents of the babies, or the baby birds themselves, all grown up.

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