Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Under Construction: Day 1

After. . .

Before. . .

Our contractor Chris and his crew started at 9 a.m. today to remove a wall between our family room and my first floor office. First order of the day was to move the built-in shelves and file drawers in my first floor office to the new office upstairs. A big job to tackle the first day but it has to be moved and installed upstairs so that I can have computer access again. I pulled all of the plugs out of everything connected to the computer yesterday so it could be moved which also took out the main phone line to the house. So needless to say we need to get me back on the net ASAP. So dependant on technology!

Our computer tech guy is coming at 1 p.m. today to re-install the computer and all of its parts. It will be close whether he can get into the new office or not.

I have been like a woman without a country the last couple of days or is that a fish out of water? Whatever, I am not sure where I should go or not go in my house. Since I work here, it's doubly distressing. So today I tried to focus on catching up on laundry which knows no limitations even in a construction zone. I was able to complete one project up in my bedroom to reduce some of the items I will need floor space for in my new office. Since the wall unit is now taking up most of the floor space in the new office, I can't put things where they normally go. There will be a new normal, but not sure I am ready for that. Guess I will have to be!

Change is good people say, but those are usually the ones who aren't experiencing it. My car is blocked in too so if I wanted to go out, I couldn't. But for today that is OK. I don't want to do anything to slow the guys down. We need forward progress. Git R done!

I think Borders, Panera's or Mickey D's will be seeing a lot of me soon. Free Wi Fi is a wonderful thing.

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