Friday, September 10, 2010

Impossible to Choose Top Ten Beatles' Songs?

For my Boom This! Ezine, I borrowed an idea from Rolling Stone magazine, and asked readers what their Top Ten Beatles Songs of All Time were. I got a lot of good lists, which you can read here.
But then I had to finally sit down and choose my own list and that proved a little more difficult than asking for others.

The Beatles were HUGE when I was growing up. We were out of ourminds for them, back in the early 60s, and I remember a lot of how that felt. I was particularly fond of Paul (everyone had to have a favrotie Beatle, of course) and tended to favor his songs. But then my tastes matured a little, and I accepted that the other three could knoock out a pretty good song, too, sometimes.

Interestingly enoough, even though the Beatles were one of the first "boy bands," their legacy has lived on and doesn't seem to be in danger of fading. Somehow that makes getting older and having to deal with other forms of music like rap, good grief, a ltitle easier to handle. OUR music is still here and vibrant. Really wonder if rap will have the same staying power.


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