Thursday, October 7, 2010

Under Construction: Day 16

The new gas fireplace was installed this week. It looks like a big dark hole but will be brighter when the  gray herrinboned background is showing.

What I have learned throughout this project is that there are nmore details than I could have ever guessed at that have to be decided during a construction project. This only reinforced my notion that I would never want to build a house! No way I want to have to decide on the incredible number of items that would go into the making of a home.

I really enjoyed a little field trip we took this week to the marble and granite graveyard. We saw some gorgeous stone there, leaning up against each other in the yard, including some from Jerusalem with actual fossils in it. I was drawn to this because it was just so cool, but realized that I probably didn't even want to know the cost. So we chose an Italian marble instead which is also beautiful.

We then went to a hardware store to look at doors, something I have not done before. Again, lots of things go into the chocie of a door, but I have been trying to keep the shopping as simple as possible. I am sure you can spend days looking at marble and granite and doors, but I am just not that fussy. Love what I chose; don't need to see more.

Soon some drywall will be going back up on the ceiling and walls and that means real progress! 

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