Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Putting the Garden, Flower Pots to Bed

Cool mornings the past week can only mean that fall has arrived and soon, way too soon, winter will be here. I have been staring at my leggy, emaciated impatiens for days now waiting for a warm, dry day to pull out the plants and put away the pots.

I know there is a special way to winterize pots that are left outside, but can never remember what it is. I found the answer in a terrific post at The Farmer's Almanac website which discusses winterizing your garden.  You are supposed to dump out the dirt in each pot and then store them upside down over the winter. That keeps them from storing water that can freeze and crack the pot.

This year I bought a fairly large outdoor storage box to keep under our deck. It can hold a lot of the assorted pots we now have sitting all over the deck and front porch, and help to keep the garage a little less cluttered than usual.  It seems like it will be a very long time till I will be refilling the pots and planting flowers again, but the way time is flying by anymore, it won't be long at all.  Seriously, where did August and September go?

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