Thursday, October 18, 2012

Celebrating Halloween

You probably don't have to go very far down your street to find a house that is brimming with skeletons, stuffed scarecrows and bales of hay supporting cute little autumn stick children.

Halloween is big, and getting bigger every year. More and more homes are decorated for the holiday causing some of us to think that the spooky holiday might yet rival The Holiday Season for money spent.

No, says one of the Internet's fact-checking sites. In terms of total sales, Christmas is still biggest. With statistics culled a few years ago, the website reports that Christmas spending hovers around $460 billion with Halloween coming in sixth in the holidays comparison with about $5 billion.

Beating out the October holiday are:

  • Mother's and Valentine's days ($13 billion)
  • Easter ($12 billion)
  • Father's Day ($9 billion)

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