Thursday, August 9, 2012

Change is (always) Coming, Ready or Not

The place where I have had my hair cut and styled for 30.5 years (yes, that's right) is being relocated. The salon and its stylists are being absorbed into another one of the salons. I will still be able to see my stylist, Debbie, but just in another lcoation.

I first met Debbie when she was newly out of beauty school and I was a new mom with a six-month-old. We hit it off right away and have become good friends over the years. There probably isn't a topic we haven't covered at some point in our monthly chats.

What people used to say about beauticians and barbers knowing a lot of secrets is true, I am sure. Sitting there having someone else pamper you is conducive to talking, especially if you are busy with a young family or career. It's a few mintues of relaxation.

I will follow Debbie to her new digs, but I will miss the old place too. I know where the coffee is, how to help myself to a dry towel and where to put the dirty ones. I used to kid that I actually worked there because the place had become so comfortable to me.

Life is full of changes, I know, and we have to adapt. And we do and I will. But gee. . .

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