Thursday, July 26, 2012

Top Ten Gifts for Those in Nursing Homes

Buying gifts can be difficult no matter the age of the person, but buying things for those who are in nursing homes can also prove to be difficult.

Here are some ideas to have on hand when you go for a visit to see a parent or loved one in a nursing facility.

Music either transferred to a small iPod or a radio with earplugs.

Food items that can be shared with permission with roommates or friends such as sugar-free cookies or drinks.

Stamps and cards, including some that are already addressed. Or bring them along whenever you visit to write down a message for someone else that you can mail on your way out.

Favorite magazine and newspaper subscriptions.

Peronal items like small bottles of shampoos, creams, shaving cream etc.

Scrapbook or memory books filled with family events.

A large calendar or clock for the wall.

Fresh flowers or easy-care plants (if they are allowed).

Bright throws or afghans.

And of course, family photos.

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