Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Plantings

Ah, spring. I couldn't resist buying a small pot of a variety of lettuces (is that a word?) the other day. I was browsing the garden section of a big box store and was the only one there which was nice. Beating the soon-to-be rush for plants and flowers, I spent some time just looking over things.

I decided to plant my little lettuce plants in the crock I have sitting on my front porch every year, which usually is bright with impatiens. The crock doesn't have a drainage hole (I know, not good) but flowers seem to do OK in it. Where it sits is usually covered by the porch roof so a lot of rain misses this particular pot. And I am careful not to over water it throughout the summer.

It's hard to find flat sunny spots in our yard where I could put in a garden. The back deck, where I have tried to grow things, gets morning sun but not enough to really grow robust veggies.
But this spot on the front porch does get a lot of afternoon sun so I'm hopeful we will be noshing on lettuce throughout the summer. Wouldn't that be nice?

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