Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lettuce Gone Wild

As you may know, the Northeast section of the country was warned about a huge snow storm this week which was predicted to freeze early-blooming flowers, pull down branches from trees, and do countless other forms of damage.

For a day the weather people had us reconsidering if we should go where we were supposed to go, or stay home to avoid the bad roads, a typical winter mentalilty when you live in this area.

Here in Pittsburgh we ended up with only rain and cold weather, thankfully. We had no significant damage from the late snowstorm.

But to prove I do listen to weather forecasters even when I know better, I pulled my delicate lettuce plants in from the front porch and kept them in the front hall for a couple of days, just till we were out of danger, that never came.

The lettuce seems no worse for the incident, and I think it's about time to cut some leaves off for a fresh spring salad.

Finally, salad!!!

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