Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fall is Here

Now that Halloween has passed, there is no denying it: Fall is here. For some reason I am not as happy about fall and winter coming this year. Usually I don't mind as I am one of those odd people who actually likes winter, at least some of the time.

But this year, I keep wanting to hold onto the brighter colors of fall, the sunny days and the warmer temperatures. I can't do that, I know, but I still try.

Yesterday I walked at the county park, and with the November sunlight, it felt like I had been transported to another place. It was beautiful, but different from what I have seen there in the winter, spring, summer and early fall. There was an abundance of clear and bright light shining on the landscape and bare trees.

I didn't see much wildlife yesterday, but I was walking a little later in the day than usual. There were a lot of people walking, running and biking, and often we had to move out of each other's way. There were also several high school students running along the path, training for cross country meets I suppose.

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