Friday, October 21, 2011

Good-bye to an Old Friend

End of an Era

We recently took down my first website, Teri's Serendipity (, from the web. There were so many updates that had to be made to the site that I decided it wasn't economically smart to keep it up and running. Since I still have as a place to post articles for Baby Boomers, I decided that one site was enough. I also have two blogs so I think my cyber footprint is big enough!

Before we eliminated the site, I had to go in and copy each and every article and newsletter that had been  posted there for the past nearly ten years so I could archive them. That took some time but as I saw headlines flashing by as I right-clicked over and over again, I decided that there had been some really good stuff there. I plan to go back and read over some articles to see if I can reuse them after tweaking them a bit, and also to see if the information has changed much in the past few years.

When you type in, you will be directed immediately to where I hope you will visit often.

I can't believe that the Serendipity site was up and running for that long. It brought me a lot of joy and inspiration. I think I will miss it.

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