Thursday, September 29, 2011

War on Stink Bugs

Some of our stink bug tools!
I don't know where you live, but here at my home in Western PA, we are  inundated with stink bugs, or as one Pittsburgher calls them, little terrorists.

We have developed some means of getting rid of them outside, but they are still making their way into the house. Last night there was one at eye level to me on my nightgown when I reached for it. Another one inside the closet and still another one on the beam which runs across our ceiling. (I knocked this one down with my new extendable duster which has come in handy for many tasks!)

Talking with others, some say they have millions too, and others are seeing very few. My neighbor whose back yard woods runs into mine is someone who has had only a couple. We share the same woods so I don't get this at all. We do get more sun on our house, though, which is what the bugs like -- to be warm before they come inside for the winter.

Not looking forward to shaking all of my clothes out for 6 months before I put them on, which I have already started to do. June won't be here for a long while yet.

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