Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer's Messiest Job

Along with all the joys I have been sharing about flowers and summer, there are some unpleasant household chores that can usually only be done in the warmer weather.
So on Sunday I tackled the job of cleaning out the grill, not my favorite way to spend a sunny afternoon.

Our grill is attached to our deck which is right outside the sliding glass doors from the kitchen. Since it is so handy, we use the grill all year long except when the snow and ice is piled so high on it that it's not worth trying to clear it. That's when I fry burgers on the stove.

We clean the grill after each time we use it, but once a year at least it needs a thorough cleaning.

It's a process to clean the grill. I have to remove the charcoal grates and grill racks and set them aside, pull out all of the little round briquettes and scrub each off, and remove all of the burned up stuff that accumulates in the bottom of the grill base.

After that, I have to soak and scrub the grates using my wire brush and a lot of elbow (in this instance) grease.

I wore my surgical gloves to do this project (having found out the hard way just how much grease can stain). I guess it really was sort of a surgical strike on my part, and I was glad when the job was done and the grill was ready for the next BBQ.

Now, onto scrubbing out the garbage cans and the recyclable bins.
Ah, summertime, sweet summertime. . .

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