Thursday, February 10, 2011

Children's books tell tales of life in other countries

Author Dedie King and illustrator Judith Inglese successfully open readers' eyes to the daily life of children living in foreign lands through their children's book series, "I See the Sun in... "

If you have grandchildren, these books are a wonderful way to share more of the world with them.

In the first book, "I See the Sun in China," chidren will learn about the daily activities of a young Chinese girl as she gets up and ready for the day in her small village and then travels to visit her aunt in Shanghai. Along the way she meets her aunt's friends and the people she works with, and she falls asleep thinking about all she has experienced that day. This book has won several awards.

In the second book, "I See the Sun in Nepal," the author again writes in simple prose about another young girl and what her daily life is like, accompanied by beautiful collage illustrations, as are all of the books in the series.

Other books planned for the series include ones set in Afghanistan, Russia and India.

What a wonderful way to introduce young chidlren to others who live in different cultures; to learn how their lives are different and how they are the same.

To learn more about the books, visit here.

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