Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yoo-Hoo, Birds!

Today we are awaiting the arrival of some of our bird friends to the new feeders we have hung from our upper deck.

They were all ga-ga over the seed we have been putting out, but today things are quiet. Guess they are taking it easy, getting used to the new feeders before they commit to a visit. That's the smart thing to do, and since I have begun dealing with birds, squirrels and the like, I have decided that they are much smarter than we would like to believe.

For one thing, the nasty blue jays have designed a way to get seed to their mates and friends. One of them perches on the feeder and knocks seed to the ground with his beak. It's much easier to eat it that way, although he may have to shoo a squirerel away from his bounty once in a while. For a blue jay, this goes with the job description.

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