Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Good-bye, Robert B. Parker

With all of the information zooming around us at any given moment, it's hard to beleive that I missed an event which brought me such sadness. Robert B. Parker, the author of so many mysteries starring the quirky Spenser private eye, died in January of this year at his desk while writing.

I had no idea that he had died. I only found out last night after watching a Jesse Stone movie on TV, which was based on another character Parker had created. When I saw the dedication to him on the screen, I rushed to the compuer hoping that it was a relative of his who had died.

The Spenser books are some of my all-time favorites. I love the great dialogue, the friendship between Spenser and Hawk, and the interplay between the Boston PI and his girlfriend of many years, Susan.

I read that there are a couple of Spenser novels yet unpublished. Here's hoping that they come onto the market soon to give all Parker groupies one last outing with the characters they love.

It's hard to believe there will be no more novels written by this terrific writer. I hope he realized how much pleasure he gave to so many through his books. What a legacy to leave behind.

Good-bye, Robert B. Parker. We will miss you.

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