Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day, Libraries and Free Jewelry

I have always hated waste. I try not to buy too much or too little, but like Goldilocks, try to find what is just right. That's not always easy to do, as we all know, but it's a worthy goal.

Since the world is now so focused on going "green," attempting to be just right has become a way of life. Sitting at a board meeting for our local library one night this week, I realized that libraries, so often threatened by budget cuts, are the ultimate green spaces. As we honor Mother Earth today, we should extend that to our libraries where being just right is an everyday thing. Want to read a book? Borrow it and return it, no waste involved, no cost either, another glowing tribute to our library systems.

In honor of Earth Day, I will be giving away two Bead for Life bracelets through this blog. These bracelets -- fashioned from recycled paper by women in Uganda who are now able to make a living wage through their labors -- are lovely and a terrific use of recycled resources. To enter to win, simply send an email with your mailing address to
Happy Earth Day!

Congrats, Jade, on winning the contest! Your beads will soon be on their way.


  1. By an amazing co-incidence, I read this at the Reference desk of the Library where I work, while cutting up scrap paper for reuse. I'm glad this is now known as GREEN behavior. It used to be called THRIFTY, which is much less glamourous...

  2. I'm a GREEN behaviorer (new word) as well as I am taking notes for my interviews on the back of papers from other things - mostly leftovers from my classes. And I love the Library where I can get as many books as I want for no money, then pass them on to another reader! Go Green.

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  4. I remember thrifty! It's how we were all raised. Great ideas. Thank you.