Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Be Careful of Ticks Out There

After the rough winter most of the country experienced this year, everyone is trying to spend as much time outside enjoying the warmer temps as they can.

Great idea, but some precautions are needed to make sure everyone is safe. (I know, when we were kids we just ran out the screen door and stayed out. Times have changed.)

Before you go for walks along hiking trails or in the deep woods, be sure to rub on lots of sun screen. And just as importantly, "Deet up" as my daughter-in-law says. We have gotten lots of bug bites this spring, not even realizing when we got them. Some had to come when we were sitting on our back deck during the early part of the day which is supposed to be "safe" from such things.

Ticks are out in force too, and with the large deer population we have nearby, something to take very seriously. My son's friend had a tick on him when he came back inside after a quick walk through the back yard. I heard of another woman who got Lyme disease without all of the "normal" symptoms you look for like a tick that was attached for some time or a bulls eye rash.

Be careful out there!

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