Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Not Too Early Anymore for Holiday Insanity

Every time I see Christmas decorations in a store, I make a little "hrrmph" sound to let whoever is in charge know that it's way too early for those displays.

Well, that's not exactly true. Thanksgiving could have been this week, and I think we have all been sort of expecting it to be. Turkey Day is late this year, and that means the holiday hullabaloo will have a shorter shelf life in general unless the stores start early.

It is after all past the mid-point of November which I can't believe. In my head it's still summer, although a bit chilly.

And with one less week between Thanksgiving and Christmas, there is a mad scramble to get people out there buying, no matter what.

The "what" is that stores are now opening Thanksgiving night and making all of their employees push back from their dinner table to go to work. That doesn't seem fair. We could have waited a bit longer to begin the buying binge. We would have survived.

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