Sunday, September 22, 2013

Macbeth and the Theater

Last night we went to a theater a little drive north of us to see the first program of the full season we had bought.

The theater, located at a community college, features shows by local singing talent, musical programs and plays. We decided to sign up for all of them since the cost for each was only about what a couple of lattes cost.

Our first show of the season was Macbeth, maybe not the easiest of Shakespeare's plays to visit. The play was set in the present day, so the actors wore garments that you might see walking down the street, although maybe not in that small town.

The acting was good too, but it was a lot of hard work to follow their dialog. I think I only understood about half of what they were saying.

Preparing for our evening out, we had read a synopsis of the play to refresh our memories about what happens in the play about ambition run amuk.

We talked about the play on the drive home, so that in itself is good. All told, we decided that the season tickets were a good idea for several reasons including that the small theater is beautiful and comfortable, we  have aisle seats and it's close to home with easy parking.

What more could a Baby Boomer want?

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