Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Friendly City by the Bay

Who says city dwellers aren't friendly and helpful? We were greeted by smiles and helpful faces everywhere we went in San Francisco. No one failed to help us out.

It is an easy city to get around in. Lots of buses and trolleys, and of course, cable cars, but we did get stranded for awhile at a museum in Golden Gate Park, waiting for transportation as it got colder and darker, but it worked out in the end.

With the sun shining, it is good to be here.

Took a walking tour of the Victorian darlings in one of the city's richest neighborhoods. I had bought a book on the Painted Ladies years ago and finallly saw some of them up close. Gorgeous but very expensive. Most go for $2 million or more and often need work. Yikes! Unless of course you are Danielle Steele who has a huge mansion here, but does her writing in a "small" cottage nearby. Sounds like a great plan! I may have to look into that.

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