Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What You Can Change....

...and what you can't. An Alzheimer's Association representative recently told an audience of Boomers and seniors that there are two things we can't control for our health: our age and our genetics. We can't fight Mother Nature, no matter how hard we try, but there are lots of things we CAN control to be healthier.

Every action we take and every thing we put in our mouths comes down to a choice. Sometimes -- maybe even most of the time -- it's easier to make those choices based on habits and routine. In the end though, we aren't giving enough thought to what we are doing and how it will affect our health.

Make choices based on a decision to better your health. Choose to walk rather than drive when you can; take the steps instead of the elevator; peel a banana instead of grabbing for a few cookies.

We can't fight Mother Nature but we can get in a few jabs.

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