Monday, January 24, 2011

Enjoy the Ride Along I-75

Dave Hunter, Author of Along I 75
Remember those car bingo games we used to buy for our chidren to keep them quiet in the car on long trips? We'd have the little ones searching for cows and sheep and barns and silos and anything else that would pass the time.

Dave Hunter's book, Along I-75 is a lot like that except for adults and way more fun. Dave takes the drive from Detroit to Florida  along the interstate and shows readers what to expect on their trip and also what to look for to provide a fun and interesting trip rather than one designed to be over as quickly as possible.

We Baby Boomers often have more time now for side trips when we travel, which is what can often make traveling memorable. Dave shows you where the interesting, the odd and the necessary are located on easy-to-read maps in the book, which lays flat for ease of use. The well-marked maps are accompanied by a writen description of highlights you might want to seek out. Things like the birthplace of Colonel Sanders' Kentucky Fried Chicken, abandoned stills in Tennessee, and the most romantic place in Georgia -- Barnsley Gardens.

So if you are living up north and a lot tired of this winter, here's hoping you can jump in your car and travel the I 75 all the way to the sun and surf in Florida. Happy trails.

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  1. Detroit to Florida sounds like a great ride, as long as it is in that order! There is always so much to do and see when travelling that is not possible on an airplane. Sounds like a good read, even for those who live along the route. For some innovative items to make your next car trip more fun and enjoyable, visit us today. Thanks for sharing!