Thursday, July 22, 2010

Yen or Yarn? Does Computer Know Best?

Like you, I type emails quickly, and send them off with only a cursory look to make sure they actually make sense.

Lately my new computer program has been guessing at the words I have misspelled in the text and chooses what it thinks I mean. It hasn't worked out so well.

For instance, this week, I wrote an email about a project I am working on and said something about getting the "yen" for it. It could be that my machine thinks I am Japanese, but the correct word, ladies and gentlemen, was yarn.

Right after that, I wrote an email about basking in the "job" of a young, happy, pregnant woman. What I meant, of course, was her "joy," but maybe the compuer has been around new moms and is just commenting on how much work little babies can be? Hard to say.

Guess I will have to be more careful and slow it down some. Or did I mean dim sum?

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